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About PalPay

PalPay was established in 2010 as a joint venture between Bank of Palestine; Palestine’s largest bank, and PCNC Solutions; a leading company in providing software solutions in order to create new electronic payment methods and introduce them to the Palestinian market in specific and the region in general. Our service offering is the result of ten-year collaboration in accepting credit cards in Palestine through Visa and MasterCard, and the huge success that was achieved in developing software solutions and obtaining the international licenses required for their operation, as well as the resounding success with the merchants and the bank customers who use these cards, along with the wide spread of the points of sale through Palestine; where the card holder can use their cards at any of the more than 6000 POSs.

The vision of establishing PalPay depended on the local expertise of engineers; either from PCNC or the Bank, who have gained high experience during the past years that goes back to 1998, as well as adding new services on POS machines to allow the merchants to increase their profit and encourage them to use the POS machines, which comes in line with the Bank’s target to increase the awareness towards card and electronic payments of all kinds.

PalPay’s electronic services were developed to make it easier for the citizen to d pay his bills or top-up his mobile phone, pay his dues or pay to a friend easily and safely without having to wait in rows and waste time in heading to the nearest collection center. As well as reducing the collection cost for the bill issuer, and providing them with innovative collection mechanisms to serve their interests.


As a leading company in Electronic payments locally, regionally and internationally; PalPay knows the difference between the traditional payment and electronic payment means,and is the leader in the development and innovation of new electronic payment mechanisms to make it easier for citizens to pay their financial obligations and save them time and effort.
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PalPay’s policy is based on meeting the needs of all segments of society and to provide sophisticated electronic mechanisms that are commensurate with each slide, and this policy is one of the most important success factors for the company and the popularity of the use of electronic services. With the increasing number of users of internet and online banking, as well as the increase of the numbers of regular and smart-phones, PalPay was able through its creativity and experienced crews to provide electronic payment means for all society segments. PalPay is and will remain committed to create innovative electronic mechanisms as long as there is a need for such mechanisms.
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To create a paradigm shift in the world of electronic payment; locally, regionally and internationally, so as to replace the traditional electronic payment mechanisms with our creative and innovative ones to become the best electronic payment service provider.
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